Monday, August 16, 2010

It fits!

This weekend we got out to see N and family (little n, Z, and a menagerie of adorable animals). Visiting was great and I finally had a chance to give my very belated birthday gifts.

Happily, little n seemed delighted with her birthday present (I was delighted that it fit! Sizing was almost pure guesswork).

I think this one's a winner.

The pattern is my modification of EZ's February Baby Sweater. I reworked the numbers in the yoke a bit, substituted vine lace for gull lace, and worked the whole thing in a light worsted weight handspun yarn (5 sts/inch in garter stitch). When I find the piece of paper with all of my pattern scribblings on it, I'll write up a little guide to my mods.

Z was delighted with his birthday socks, too. He just didn't want to pose for a picture.

Don't worry, N wasn't left out of the gift-giving spree. I finally got her birthday present on the needles (even if it doesn't need to be finished until November).

Several years ago I made her these as a wedding present:

Then, when they started looking a bit more well loved than she would like, N asked for a new set. It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to do, but on Friday I finally cast on for a new pair. Here's a sneak peek:

Now imagine them twice as tall - it was a productive evening.


Choodles said...

um, I freaking love you. Oh, and I'm N, not a web stalker.

Jonah said...

The sweater (and model) are adorable! I'm looking forward to watching the pillows grow.

Brenda said...

Both the sweater and the little girl are adorable. She seems to have great modelling instincts.

Rachel said...

So cute!

And WOW on those pillows. The originals are amazing...can't wait to see the pattern you are developing for this set!