Monday, June 7, 2010

Just in time for summer

Last week I finished Kerrera - just in time for the temp to hit 90 here (we were back down in the 60s today but, sadly, this sweater isn't exactly work-appropriate).

Size: 34.5"
Yarn: Domy Heather from Old Mill Yarn (I picked it up at Maryland Sheep & Wool several years ago). This is a fingering weight yarn that I held double in order to get gauge. One nice bonus of using a lighter yarn held doubled is that the whole sweater is incredibly light for a piece that size. Hopefully that will help prevent everything from sagging too much.
Needles: size 8 and 9 Addi lace circulars. The pointy tips on the Addi lace needles were incredibly helpful on the double garter sections.

As you've probably seen on ravelry, yes, the double garter sections do take forever. That said, it's kind of fun and the result is a really nifty texture.

Mods: Absolutely none. I got gauge with my swatch but, as you'd probably expect, the finished piece didn't behave exactly as expected. My row gauge ended up a bit looser than I'd expected. Thank goodness I'm on the tall side, so everything worked out.

This is a fantastic pattern! Normally when you get a pattern, all of the instructions come with a long string of numbers. Here, the designer provided all of the numbers in a table so that you just had to plug the numbers from the column for your size into the actual instructions. It's much clearer and easier to follow.

The sleeves involve a really nifty technique: a set-in sleeve worked with short rows. The fit is amazing. My only issue is that the stitches at the edge of armscye are a bit loose and you can sometimes see the shirt underneath. I'll probably go back and run a crochet chain around the inside of the armscye in order to close up that edge.

That said, I'm really happy with this one.


elizabeth said...

It looks so comfy, and that's a great sweater for you! I'm so glad I decided against knitting mine out of the yarn I bought for it - I pulled out the yarn last night and played around a bit and it would've weighed 2.4 tons!

Brenda said...

that is a gorgeous colour and the sweater looks so comfy & cozy. Once the weather cools down you will really enjoy it.

Rachel said...

Ah, there it is! As expected it looks amazing...and even if the temps are too warm now, it'll be a great fall cardigan! I've read that the pattern tends to run big...did you take that into account or just aim for the size you would have normally?

I've got the yarn sitting by my chair to begin later in the summer...hoping to finish up by fall but we'll see. I'm not speedy! :)

Jonah said...

This oe was a lot of fun to watch in progress. Congratulations on finishing!

Sel and Poivre said...

That looks like the kind of sweater that will get tons of use in the fall and spring. the hood and pockets look especially well suited to chilly walks and that colour will work well in any season.

Beautiful job!