Monday, October 28, 2013

This and that

What kind of knitter lets her two-year-old commandeer a shoulder shawl knit out of malabrigo lace? This one apparently. A dear friend came to visit this past weekend and was kind enough to take several hand knits back with her to find new homes. (I'd much rather see the pieces worn and loved than sit unused in a bin with me). We were going through the collection I had set aside and, somehow, Simmer Dim made its way around my shoulders. Tadpole snuggled herself in my lap to help look over the knits and promptly plucked the shawl from my shoulders, calling it "her green blanket." This would be green blanket #2, a very special thing in her world. How could I deny that? Especially to this kid:

Who helped me with a photo shoot the other day.  I snapped a few pics of my current WIPs:

Snowfling mittens (the kit from Tanis Fibre Arts), front and back. 

Another baby sweater in the works.

And one already finished.  If you haven't already done so, you really should try the Pomander baby sweater. All the details are just right in this pattern - and I have no higher praise than that. 

She got a few of her stuffed companions:

Oh, and I may have a use for those baby knits after the new year rolls around. 

If I do this a third time, could someone please remind me to knit more cardigans? I seem to have outgrown my favorite pullovers.