Monday, February 14, 2011

How did I do?

Yes, I will admit that yesterday's "to do" list was ambitious, even for me. So how did I do? I didn't get to everything, but I did accomplish the majority of things on the list and that's good enough for me. This is what was waiting for me this morning:

Those are the products of a good soak in the washing machine last night. I am definitely a fan of being able to spin out the water in the washer.

I actually got through items 1-4 on the list, with a few minor exceptions. The buttons that I had been planning on using on the February Baby Sweater ended up being too big so Mr. Tinks and Frogs and I took a walk to the LYS after work today to pick up ones that would fit. And I didn't really figure out what knitting to bring to work until I was eating breakfast this morning (I did have a plan last night, I just changed it for something better). Not bad in my book.

Speaking of Mr. Tinks and Frogs, he's making us crepes for dinner - a Valentine's Day tradition around here - so it seems only appropriate to show off my surprise v-day gift this year.

He knew I was making him something but not what (or for what occasion). This is Habitat by Jared Flood, knit up on size 8 needles (7 for the ribbing, I think) out of a leftover most-of-a-skein of Malabrigo worsted in the Vaa colorway. A secret stash-busting knit!

I think it looks pretty good on him, don't you?

Happy Valentine's Day, darling!


Jonah said...

An island full of baby knits is a thing of beauty!

Gale said...

Looks like Tadpole has a great selection of late winter warmers. Good work Rue.

As for Jonah's hat, love the pattern and colour. What does he put in the crepes?

Sel and Poivre said...

How did you do? You got all that done before I even had a chance to leave a comment on your To Do List post!

Your productivity is amazing...might there be a bit of "nesting" going on in these last days of your pregnancy?

What exciting times for you and Mr. T&F!

Jodi said...

Talk about productivity! Color me impressed.

Mmm.... Valentine crepes...

Jonah's hat is awesome -- great colors, gorgeous cables.

Brenda said...

I'd say you did wonderfully well. On both the list and the hat.

Rachel said...

Can I shoot you my to do list? Maybe you'd be able to get it done faster than I can! ;) All those baby items laid out look so great...ready for the little person to fill them. Speaking of which...this space has been quite quiet for more than a week now. Does that mean Tadpole made its appearance?!?! If so, I hope everyone is happy and healthy and can't wait for you to share pics of the little one all bundled up in hand-knits.

Crepes in exchange for a cool hat seems like the prefect V-day swap!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came over here from Jodi's blog. Your Habitat is awesome! I recently made one for my BF from Malabrigo Vaa as well. That might be one of my favoritest colorways and yarns ever. Have a good weekend!