Sunday, February 27, 2011


One WIP. That's all I've got in my knitting basket. Weird, don't you think? And don't worry, it won't stay that way for long. I'm planning on casting on for Laminaria as soon as I finish typing this.

I really wish I had a good excuse -- such as Tadpole's arrival -- for my long delay in posting. But I don't. Instead, I've just been plugging away at my list of "things that should really happen before the baby gets here." Let's just say that our apartment is really clean.

And the knitting basket is looking pretty good, too. I finally managed to put buttons on the February Baby Sweater!

I'm even more proud of this one:

Draper is blocking and ready for FO shots soon. It took longer than I expected to knit but now that I see how big it is, the time makes complete sense. I suppose the 800 yard skein that I nearly used up should have been a clue. It's a lovely pattern and I'm really looking forward to wearing this one.

Ok, Laminaria is calling my name and I've got a lovely skein of green wool/alpaca laceweight that I can't wait to use. More on that soon.


Jonah said...

Maybe Tadpole is just waiting for all WIPs to be finished? I'm hoping not.

Gale said...

I hope Tadpole isn't waiting either. Draper looks so nice, as does the little baby jacket.

Jodi said...

The wee cardigan is so cute! Love the color scheme. Draper's gorgeous, of course.

BTW, I wish that I could say that my place is REALLY clean. I'm very impressed!

Sel and Poivre said...

I can't say enough about how wonderful your colour sense is! I see these pieces knit up on other blogs in different yarns and they don't come close to yours! Beautiful, beautiful work!

Rachel said...

You know, as soon as I sent the email asking if Tadpole had arrived because your site was quiet for a week, I realized the irony in that...I haven't posted in at least two weeks and that will most likely be more like three at the rate I'm going! Anyway...glad to see a post but hope tadpole makes an appearance soon!

Looking forward to the FO pics of Draper...even pinned it looks beautiful...not a pattern I know. And Laminaria is a favorite of mine and wow, it will look good in that green/blue yarn you chose Although I may question your sanity of knitting complicated lace with a newborn in the house! If anyone can, you can though!

Jacey said...

I'm so glad you've been able to work your way through some in-progress knits. One WIP? Wow. That's amazing! Here's hoping the little tadpole arrives soon. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I SO thought Tadpole was here because of the blog silence. Draper looks great, and the sweater is cute.