Sunday, January 16, 2011

Honey, I finished the baby blanket

I finished a little something this week.

What, you want to see the whole thing?

Better now? Before I forget, here are the specs:

Pattern: Honey Baby by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl, custom colorway, 2 skeins (there's enough left over to make a cap and booties)
Needles: size 4 circulars (16", 24", and 47" lengths) for the main part of the blanket, size 3 DPNs and 47" circular for the edging
Size: 42" square
Time to Knit: 28 days (wow!)
Mods: None. And I really mean it this time. I actually knit this piece exactly as written (I think).

You start in the center of the square, provisionally casting on 8 stitches, and then jump into the first section: bee hive. The first time I started this blanket, I used DPNs to start the center section and worked on them until the piece was big enough to transfer to a 16" circular needle. This time around, I used magic loop instead and was much happier. I'm just not a fan of DPNs - I find them awkward and it's often difficult to keep the correct tension on a yo at the beginning or end of the needle. Not only was I much happier starting with magic loop but the early rows seemed to go much faster.

Then, after a little breather (aka, 4 plain rows), you switch into the bee swarm pattern. This was my least favorite section to knit. It was interesting - it had better be with lace patterning on every row, but it looked rather wonky while I was knitting it. Also, while the lace was easy enough to read (at least to be able to catch when I was doing something wrong), it wasn't so logical that I could just knit without often checking the chart. Happily, this section is relatively short.

This last section was my favorite. It was just so much fun! The bee pattern is very similar to the insect pattern in Kai-Mei. As with that sock pattern, just trust the chart until you've done one iteration of the bee. I promise it works, even if the directions sound strange.

Put it all together and voila:

Yes, there's edging, too. A lot of it. And I'm pretty sure I've blocked all memory of actually knitting it.

Here's a quick pick of the blanket and its recipient:

6 more weeks to go!


Jonah said...

A LOT of edging. You may have blocked the memory, but I still remember a few of those comments. But the final product is gorgeous, and the yarn was absolutely perfect for this blanket.

knitspot anne said...

oh, i LOVE it!! so glad you had a good experience with my pattern; good great luck with the baby delivery!

Jennifer said...

It's so beautiful and I can't believe it's only 6 weeks to go. Best of luck and enjoy every second of it! How wonderful that your new bundle of joy will be wrapped in such a loving heirloom.

Gale said...

What a gorgeous blanket to wrap your new one in. Maybe J can let us all know what some of your comments were regarding the edging ;)?

Jacey said...

It's beautiful! I'm glad you finished, and wow, only a month? Impressive. I'm sure little tadpole will love being snuggled up in it.

elizabeth said...

It seems like just yesterday that you announced you were expecting! At least, it seems that way to me! :o) That is the prettiest baby blanket I've ever seen, hands down.

Kathy said...

oh! What a lucky baby! it looks beautiful. Tell Nayyir that the lack of opposable thumbs is not an excuse to help. He can clean out his box to give you more knitting time.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh it so lovely! I have such very strong memories of my baby's blankets. So many, many hours of walking and rocking and nursing and just sitting staring at them all wrapped in those stitches. I can even recall the feel of the stitches as I rubbed their backs in the darkness when they awoke in the middle of the night. Enjoy these next six weeks looking forward to putting that blanket to use!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blanket! And soon you will have a beautiful baby to cuddle in it. Enjoy.ghnizate

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Way to go, this is lovely! I'm sure your little WIP will love it;)

Charlotte and Liz said...

Oh, Rue...this is really, really beautiful! Good luck with your last 6 weeks and many wishes for an easy delivery and a healthy babe :)