Monday, June 14, 2010


The DH and I are getting away for a mini vacation this coming weekend. We're popping out to New England to see my parents on Saturday and Sunday and then we'll take Monday for ourselves to relax and walk along the ocean.

Naturally, now I'm wondering just what knitting I want to bring along on the trip. I'm as guilty as the next knitter of over-packing (at least when it comes to knitting) whenever we go anywhere, so this time I'm trying to be responsible. But what to bring?

I've been working along on Audrey in Unst:

(Yes, I do seem to be on a bit of a Gudrun Johnston kick, don't I?) I had such high hopes of finishing this one before we left on Saturday so that I could wear it on the trip. But even I now acknowledge that that is never going to happen. 

So, this sweater has some nice, mindless knitting to do on the sleeves and then picking up for the button bands - nothing too onerous but not quite trip knitting in my book. 

Plus, before I can knit the cuffs on the sleeves, I'll need to finish this so I can reclaim the needle:

I've finally jumped on the Haruni shawl bandwagon. I'm about a third of the way through the final chart and probably will have several rows left to go by the time Saturday rolls around. But once I finish them, I'll have miles and miles of crochet bind-off. That sounds a bit too fiddly to try on the plane/in the car but for now I'll keep this project in the "tentative" list.

Well, that pretty much takes care of the two things I am currently knitting. What about the February Toddler Sweater? That's definitely a possibility. And I'll probably be able to finish it on the trip.

So what I am really thinking about? Two things. First, knitting up a Koolhas hat in this:

Some Dream in Color Classy in the grey tabby colorway. This hat is destined to be a gift for the husband of the recipient of the Aestlight shawl I knit a couple of months back. I think it's safe to say that this project is definitely coming along - small but interesting. Perfect.

But what I really want to knit is Juneberry, from the new St. Denis Magazine. I have a skein of Zephyr silk/wool laceweight that would be perfect for this. Do I have to finish Haruni first? It's lovely and I'm enjoying knitting it, but trips are special circumstances, right?

What should I bring?


Sel and Poivre said...

If I was capable of such a feat I would be all over Juneberry!

I'm so interested by this post - yesterday I went through a similar exercise to plan my summer knitting at the cottage!

Rachel said...

I really can't give good advice as I always 'over-pack' my knitting and then for some reason very rarely knit on trips! BUT...I do think that a trip is a perfect excuse (or as you say, a special circumstance) to cast on something new. No convincing needed here!

Have a great time and I hope you are allowing yourself time to relax and a break from studying!

elizabeth said...

Oh my. Juneberry just took my breath away! Definitely not simple, but so so beautiful! Of course, you have the hat for simple (if cables can be considered simple).

Yes, I think you need to knit Juneberry.

elizabeth said...

Oh - and you do not have to finish anything first. It's common knitting knowledge that road trips necessitate the casting on of new projects - it's a requirement!

Estella said...

Love your comment about knitters being over-packers. I have the same problem too! However, I've learned if you underpack you could always visit the LYS.

I think I'd start the Juneberry - it will be lovely and it will be something you always associate with your trip.

Jonah said...

Of course trips are an excuse to start new projects. Go for Juneberry!
(If you overpack yarn, can I overpack books? There is a plane involved, after all.)