Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can I at least try them on first?

The following conversation took place as Mr. Tinks and Frogs and I were folding laundry and I just had to share.

Me (pointing to a sad looking blue wad): Do you remember what I said about a certain pair of socks?
Him: huh?
Me: And their machine washability, or lack thereof?
Him: uh ...
Me: You realize this is going to be a blog post, right?
Him: Can I at least try them on first?
[short pause]
Him: Hey look, my foot still fits! That's even kind of where the heel is supposed to be.

Moral of this story: even the best of husbands should not get hand-wash only socks.


Jodi said...

Oh no! I've come to realize that hand-wash only socks are a disaster even for me, the knitter. My hand-wash only sock yarn is now destined for shawlettes or scarves.

Jonah said...

In my defense ... um ... er ... I love you and can I buy you yarn?

Janet said...

Oh my, this post (and Jonah's comment) is so darn sweet! He definitely needs a new pair of (superwash) handknit socks!

Jacey said...

I think Jonah's defense (and his offer to buy more yarn) clears his good name. :)

Very cute, and even good husbands make tiny mistakes occasionally.

Rachel said...

Oy. I expected more from J! ;) His comment/response is classic! So funny!