Friday, April 8, 2011

FO: Laminaria

This was a really fun knit. Even more so because it was my "keep myself sane since I'm past my due date" project. I cast on the day Tadpole was due and got through all but one of the flower chart repeats by the time we headed to the hospital. Once we got home, I'd knit a row (or half a row) here and there while Tadpole slept and eventually the piece was finished.

(I look reasonably well rested there, don't I?)

Before I forget (or get stuck away from the little piece of paper with my notes on it), here are the project specs:

Pattern: Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman 
Yarn: one skein of Fleece Artist Suri Blue (a 50/50 mix of Suri alpaca and Blue Face Leicester). Colorway? I have absolutely no idea. It's a collection of lovely greens that nearly jumped into my hand at the yarn store.
Needles: size 4 addi lace circulars
Size: the pattern gives directions for two sizes, a small scarf and a large shawl. I wanted something in between so I made up a hybrid of the two. I worked 5 repeats of the star chart and 5 repeats of the flower chart. 
Mods: other than hybridizing the size, I went with a 3-stitch border rather than a 2-stitch one. Why? I just liked the look of the extra stitch - it felt more sturdy. That's all.

So how big is the thing?

The shawl is 26" deep from bottom point to the cast on bit, 38.5" wide measuring straight across from curved point to curved point, and 52.5" wide if you actually measure that curved line. All in all a great size for wrapping around your neck.

I really liked the various stitch patterns used in this design. I especially like the star chart in the first section, a stitch that Nancy Bush used in her Miralda's Triangular Shawl (which I knit last year). And the flower chart produces a fabulous textured design.

(What's with the color changes? The sun was out for the top three pics.)

I wasn't a huge fan of the edging - it looked pretty droopy in the pattern shots. But it's actually really fun to knit (there's just something special about working double and triple yarn overs), and it doesn't have to be that droopy if you don't block the points out quite as aggressively as the designer did. 

That said, I'm definitely looking forward to knitting the echo flower shawl, which uses the flower motif from Laminaria for the body of the shawl and finishes with an edging design filled with nupps. I just might have a skein of malabrigo lace in the stash already slated for that project.

Moving along, I had a helper for this photo shoot.

Apparently knitting photo shoots aren't that exciting since she slept right through it.

I honestly don't know if I have much more to say about this project. Fun knit, great yarn, wearable finished piece. That about sums it up. But I do have some more Tadpole pictures so how about we just end with that?


Jacey said...

Your Laminaria is so beautiful! I love the color, and the lace really shimmers. However, it is not quite as beautiful as your little Tadpole. Precious pictures!

Jodi said...

Lovely shawl, but sweet little Rowan really steals the show! You look surprisingly well-rested. Hope all's going well with you.

Gale said...

The shots with you and Tadpole are so precious.

Tina said...

This is just such a beautiful shawl. Need to get mine back from hibernating after I am done with my sweater! Love your colours!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Oh Lord this is FANTASTIC! Thank you for reminding me that I've been wanting to knit it forever. And your tiny helper is such a little lovie:)

Kathy said...

Tadpole pictures are ALWAYS a good idea! :~D

elizabeth said...

Oh! What a sweet, sweet baby! The shawl is so pretty, and a perfect color for you!

Rachel said...

This is so beautiful Rue. The color is gorgeous and the stitch pattern you shot a close-up of is the main reason I was drawn to that shawl in the first place. Thanks for directing me to the echo flower shawl...I LOVE that edging unique!

How could Tadpole not be content and sleep all snuggled up with mom, wrapped into that gorgeous shawl?

Rebecca said...

The shawl is beautiful, the baby is beautiful and her mama is beautiful! :)