Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bits of green

The field across the street has this haze of spring green that is absolutely lovely (what is this "field" in the middle of a big metropolitan city? "Giant tract of undeveloped land probably owned by a railroad otherwise it would be full of condos by now" doesn't have quite the same ring to it). And my knitting basket is showing similar signs of the season.

This little lovely that is growing slowly but surely (I'm perhaps 5 rows farther along than what you can see in the photo) is Fernfrost by Anne Hanson. It's a fun textural lace pattern that I'm knitting up in one of the nicest yarns I have ever worked with: qiviuk. That's right, qiviuk. My local yarn shop started carrying these a couple of months ago and Mr. Tinks and Frogs snagged one just before Tadpole was born and gave it to me as a hobbit-style birthday present. It's just lovely. The fiber is incredibly soft and has a beautiful halo. Ok, now I want to put the computer down and pick up that project.

Moving along, I finally started Rock Island! My mother's day present included a bit of time to start this project, something that I've been looking forward to for a while now.

I think I've done 7 or so repeats of the edging chart at this point. Only 60-something more to go.

This green trend extends outside the apartment, too. Last weekend I finally did something that I've been looking forward to since we moved into this place last spring.

I finally got my container garden going. There are asiatic lilies,

cherry tomatoes (do you need to stake cherry tomato plants?),


and mint.

I have a feeling we'll be having a lot of tomato/basil pasta dishes and mojitos this summer. Yum!


Rachel said...

Do you really think I'll believe that it's spring that has you knitting green? ;) Speaking of...did a little something green show up on your doorstep yet?

I have 2 skeins of I purchased in Alaska when I was there raising babies (green of course) and another given to me by a friend as a thank you. Both are sitting patiently waiting to be used...I have some pattern options I'm looking into but I can't wait to see how it knits up in this design. It will be perfect for your cold winters!

So glad you got to start that shawl...I keep going back to that is simply beautiful!

YAY for a container garden! So excited that you finally did that! And yup, cherry tomatoes most definitely need to be staked...they can get quite unruly the bigger they get.

beardedknitter said...

I love the greens on the yarns and the plants! Feels like summer's coming.

I don't know that my mother ever staked her cherry tomato plants, so I bet you'll be okay.

Jodi said...

Gorgeous greens! I longingly eyed the qiviuk when I was at Loopy for Ysolda's event. Your scarf is going to be just gorgeous.

I love container gardening -- it looks like you're off to a great start! I never have much luck with herbs, though, so you'll have to share your secrets if you have great success.