Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slow and steady

See that? Catkin is seven rows father along than I was this time last week. I'm making progress! Maybe I'll have this finished by Thanksgiving. Maybe.

And I'm almost done with the first skein on Tadpole's new blanket. I'm so close, in fact, that I need to wind the second skein today. I may not get to it tonight but at least it'll be ready.

I'm actually spinning more than I'm knitting these days. Tadpole and I can both play at the wheel (admittedly in different ways) on weekend mornings and I get a surprising amount of spinning done. Hmm, maybe I should sit us down this afternoon since we didn't get a session in this morning. I bet Tadpole would like that!


Jacey said...

Catkin is looking fabulous! Oh, by the way, I invited a couple of gals to join us in our little KAL. And you know at least one of them! I'll email you later!

Sel and Poivre said...

You and your wee girl at the wheel together...what a wonderful sounding way to spend a morning!

Jodi said...

The Tosh Merino Light just glows! Catkin's gorgeous. Hooray for Tadpole being excited about spinning.

I'm very excited for Thanksgiving. We're driving to Minneapolis, and I'm dreaming of lots of knitting and reading time.

Kathy said...

Go! Go! go!

Rachel said...

So you have a little spinner on your hands! That's great! Especially since it allows you to get some time with fiber one way or another!

See...Catkin will be finished before you know it! Anxiously awaiting the FO shots. But no pressure of course!