Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the saddle

I have had good intentions - very good intentions, even - of writing a blog post for the past month. My internal monologue would go something like this: "I'd really like to write a blog post tonight . . . [a couple/few/several hours of post-baby-bedtime work later] Wow - it's really late! I just want to knit a bit/ crawl into bed." On the plus side, I've actually gotten a fair amount of knitting done when I eschew blogging for knitting in front of netflix or hulu (and I'm definitely meeting my hours requirement at work).

I've also been spinning! And that's the sneak peak that I wanted to show you tonight.

Back in January, Jacey and I did a really fun swap (more on that later when I'm less tired and can actually find the pictures). We each threw in a little extra gift for the other and my surprise from her was a lovely little 2oz braid of Polwarth top. We all enjoyed it!

Look mom- fiber!

Slowly, in stolen moments here and there (and with plenty of "help" from R, who LOVES to play on - and I do mean on - the wheel), it became this:

Actually, the singles are now plied and the skein is sitting on my desk waiting for a bath. Hopefully I can make that happen sometime this week!

Switching gears for a moment here (and then I've really got to get to bed): I've been thinking about what to do with the blog. I love blogging - writing the posts, engaging in follow-up conversations through the comments, and following all of your blogs in return. But with the schedule I've been working for the past  nearly two months, that's not very easy to do (as you can see from my lack of posts). So I'm starting to explore quicker, shorter formats.

I've recently signed up for Instagram and I'm starting to post some knitting pics - and random ones, too - under the username tinksandfrogs. I'm trying to remember to share the knitting ones via twitter. And, when I have a bit more time, I'll set it up to post to the blog, too.

Oh, and I found a fabulous new app for the iPad that makes my scribbles and design ideas look really quite nifty (the sketches, that is).

I still have lots to share, less time to do it in, and some creative work-arounds that are still in the planning stages. Thanks for hanging on this long - stay tuned for more!


Jonah said...

I like pictures. Of Tadpole. And Yarn. I like your writing and things too. But I would be really happy with pictures of Tadpole and yarn. All else is bonus. (Thought-provoking and enjoyable bonus, but bonus nonetheless). Knitting socks for your husband is also always an appropriate way to spend your time :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! Tadpole got so big! Lots of great things happening. I love catching up and seeing what's going on in your knitting world. Cant' wait to see more.

Jacey said...

I've been thinking of you! Your handspun from the roving is super amazing! I love it. I always love seeing the transformation from roving to yarn. Can't wait to see it finished! I added you on instagram, too!

And hello, Tadpole! She's getting so big! And still so adorable. Miss you, friend!

Kathy said...

I love blogs, so would be sad to see it go. That said, i also struggle with 'doing justice' to the blog so I'm trying to make my posts impactful but short. Still working on that, as i tend to run on a bit. Oh, and the hard one - I don't correct my blog posts anymore if I find an error. I figure if it works for the Yarn Harlot, I can do it too.

So glad to see you back, Tadpole is a cute as can be and hubby's comments were amusing... I, of course, prefer blog posts over his socks, but I can appreciate his bias.

Jodi said...

Great to see you back on the interwebs -- no matter the format!

Hurray for making time for knitting and spinning, which strike me as much more restorative and relaxing than more time at the computer.