Monday, May 21, 2012

FO: Girasole

This has been a good week for me in terms of turning WIPs in my knitting basket into FOs. First, there was the hap blanket that I made for tadpole and finished a week ago. And this past weekend I finished up Girasole, which I had started while on vacation in Texas last December.

Five months is actually a pretty respectable WIP time for a piece like this. Sometime last week I realized that the end was in sight on this project. Between a day of watching training webinars for work and some extra time at home thanks to the NATO summit this past weekend, I was able to finish up the last repeat of the lace charts and work the border. For the record, that's a really long border.

Pattern: Girasole by Jared Flood
Yarn: 1 skein of Briar Rose Legend (this was a 1400 yard skein - I'm pretty sure Legend is now available only in 700 yard skeins)
Needles: assorted size 6 circular needles
Mods: I didn't change the pattern at all (unusual for me, I know) but I did use magic loop for the center of the blanket as opposed to the DPNs suggested by the pattern.

In terms of knitting experience, this was a really fun knit. The different lace patterns were all interesting to work and never went on so long that I got tired of any particular design. Ok, the last rows are really, really long but the pattern repeats themselves were pretty short. And the border itself was enjoyable to knit (a very important attribute when I probably spent 6-8 hours on the knitted on border alone).

It's funny, I really expected that I would have more to say about this one. I spent five months working pretty steadily on this blanket (if you define "pretty steadily" as picking it up at least once a week, or thereabouts). It's a lovely finished product. The hand painted yarn was a great fit for this lace - the color changes don't overshadow the stitches at all. And tadpole likes it, too.

So what's my problem? I think my shoulders still carry the knots from blocking the blanket (I pinned each and every point on the edging). Plus, I didn't make the blanket into a perfect circle (yes, I know I'm being picky on this one). And I think secretly wished that blocking would turn the yarn into a woolen-spun heather. Like this.

But I love seeing the blanket thrown casually over the arm of the couch, waiting for someone to curl up underneath it. Or two someones. Perhaps even three.

Is it an example of the perfect blanket? No. But it is a blanket that will be used and loved for that. Function trumps form here. And the form is pretty good, too.


kate said...

It is easy to see the small imperfections and your hopes, unrealized, in your own knitting, but as an outsider I all I can see is that your Girasole is really beautiful. Lovely job.

Anonymous said...

Iknitted the girasole a couple of years ago, and loved it. It has now been stolen by my eight year old daughter for her bedroom, maybe I will see it again. But then again yours has inspired me to do it again. It is gorgeous, even with your so called imperfections. Anita

Jacey said...

It is stunning, Rue! Wow. The color is incredible (or colors, really!), and I am blown away by the blocking job! Wow. The border is beautiful, and I'm not sure I would have had the patience to block it so meticulously.

I owe you a response email, but in the meantime, I'm thinking of you!

Hi kitty, kitty!

elizabeth said...

I think it's gorgeous! Maybe you like the heathered one better because it's green? ;o)

Rachel said...

Wow. I had forgotten this was on your needles so my jaw just dropped when I saw it! I've been moving away from variegated yarns but I think you are completely right that this yarn works perfectly in the's very beautiful. I'm guessing, once you wrap yourself up in it this winter, that those little imperfections you've posted about will be forgotten. And I agree with Elizabeth...I'm betting you just wish it were green! ;)

Brendaknits said...

That. Is. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

I. Love. This. So much! I've been wanting to make the Evenstart pattern for years, as my arc de triumph of lace, but this has me reconsidering...