Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not sure what I was thinking

I'm really not sure why I thought this third section of Color Affection would fly by. Maybe because I love the short rows? Perhaps because I was itching to start Rams and Yowes. Or could it be that I thought the knitting fairy would come and keep plugging away at this piece when I got swamped with work this week?

Regardless of how long this takes to finish, I'm having a blast! I do truly love the short rows. (There are just a few -- ok, several . . . many . . . lots -- more than I had anticipated.)

Please excuse me while I go knit.


Kathy said...

I love the colors you're using!

Jacey said...

I felt that way at the end of Stripe Study, too. It's going to be beautiful when you're done!

Saro said...

Saw a Color Affection on a woman in Nordstrom's today. Almost stopped her to squee on it.