Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm always amazed by people who can create fashion sketches. I really admire their ability to capture the essence of a design with just a few strokes. I am not one of those people, but I have a lovely little iPad app that lets me pretend that I am. For example, I saw this pattern on ravelry several months ago and was taken by the subtle cable pattern on the body. I had a single skein of pale blue Dream in Color Smooshy - a gift from a good friend - that would look lovely in that pattern. So I jotted down this little sketch:

There was, indeed, not enough yarn for sleeves. If I remember correctly, I bound off the edging with inches to spare. A vest it is!

Little buttons at one shoulder help to ease the piece over disproportionately large toddler heads.

And the stretchiness of the knitted fabric allows for room to grow. That was June, this is early September:

And late September:

They really are a fetching pair, aren't they?

Sadly, the little vest had a close encounter with some red pasta sauce (and is likely too small now anyway). But I have another sketch - and the knitting to go with it - still to share.


Rachel said...

Very cute...and functional...vest! And a beautiful shade of blue. What impresses me is that you can look at a design and then just 'come up' with something similar that actually works just from a sketch.

Jodi said...

Oh what a cute vest! I love the texture, and Tadpole looks adorable in it. She's really getting a lot more hair now.

I just downloaded the Paper app for my new iPad and am looking forward to giving it a try.

Brendaknits said...

Lovely vest. And the picture of your hubby and Tadpole is so wonderful.

Jacey said...

I love it! Such an awesome vest, and little Tadpole is growing steadily! Miss you all, friend!