Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In which one of my daughters models her new hand knit garment

Why yes, Tadpole and I have been reading Winnie the Pooh together. Those chapter headings must be rubbing off on me.

Both of my girls have new hand knits. One of them has tried hers on. That would be the immobile one, currently lacking the words to say "I'll try it on later, mommy."

Tadpole has a lovely new dress - the Goldilocks pattern - and I think it will fit. Hopefully she will be up for trying it on before she outgrows it.

Sprout was a more cooperative model in her new sweater, although she wriggled so much I had to switch to auto focus on the camera. Try telling a two-month-old to hold still - it just doesn't work. But happy, energetic babies are delightful creatures so we still had a lot of fun. Before I get distracted with the baby shots, here is the sweater itself:

Now for my model:

See why I wanted to make sure I showed you the sweater first? I kept getting distracted by those baby blues. Ok, now you can see how the sweater fits. It's still a bit big on her so I'm hoping it will fit for another couple of months - at least through the cool early summer evenings.

Now that I have you thoroughly distracted by the baby pics, I'm thinking of writing up the pattern. Any interest? This version was knit on size 1 needles using Sundara fingering merino yarn. Yes, there were lots of tiny stitches. But the stitch pattern would also look lovely in a heavier sock or even sport weight yarn on larger needles.

So if I were to write this up, would you prefer a free pattern with just one size or would you rather have multiple size and yarn weight options for a fee? And, perhaps more importantly, would you be interested in test knitting the pattern? I can promise an interesting knit, some clever details, and a satisfying FO. But you'll have to supply the baby.


Jennifer said...

For free or not, I'm sure the pattern will be a hit. And I'd love to test knit. I'd have to borrow a baby for it, but luckily my circle of friends has a pretty healthy supply of them (and they're all oddly willing to be supplied with beautiful knits.) Ravelry ID Jennicure

Kathy said...

I was distracted too! Just stare, stare, stare into those beautiful eyes!

Stephanie said...

1st: Love the baby pics! 2nd: What sizes will be included for the test knit? DD Emma just turned 22 m, but is petite, although I'd prefer for a sweater to run on the large side, for obvious reasons. My sock yarn stash is mostly single skeins, so I would need to know the yardage requirements to see if I had something that would work and if I could meet your testing deadline. I might have two good options in sport weight though...

I used to really love free patterns, but I would definitely be willing to pay for a pattern that included different yarn weights. It's also nice to have multiple sizes included, even though I rarely knit the same thing twice. Additionally, the sweater I am currently knitting DD (fingering weight on size 4 and 5 needles), my gauge was smaller than the pattern's, so I'm just following the 4T instructions instead of 2T.

(sjn821 on Rav)