Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer non sequiturs

I'm spinning like a dervish (well, a dervish who sneaks in 20-30 minutes with the wheel after work in the evenings) and having a blast with the Tour de Fleece. So far, I've managed to spin every day of the Tour. Yay! Naturally, my photographic evidence is scant - my only daytime shots are from last weekend and are making their way from my phone onto the computer while I type (along with several hundred other pics of this and that). Tomorrow is a rest day on the Tour and I'll poke around a bit to see if there is some fun way to show off my nighttime snapshots of spinning progress. A gif maybe?

But for now, I thought I'd share a few non-spinning delights. Ok, not too far removed from spinning, at least for this first one.

Pretty much as soon as the yarn was dry, Tadpole and I wound up my new polwarth/silk yarn. And I cast on the next day. Kuura is a delightful pattern to knit - interesting yet intuitive and not too busy. I'm flipping the main body and edging charts to have a lacier body to the shawl. We'll see how it looks in the handspun.

So far, so good. This yarn is just lovely to knit.

And, bit by bit, I'm slowly working the crochet bind off on my Fiori di Sole shawl.

I feel like this is moving at a glacial pace but it's not quite that bad. Maybe more like tortoise speed. It would probably finish up more quickly if I didn't ignore it to play with my new handspun.

And, in non-knitting news, I have pumpkins!

Honest to goodness pumpkins in my backyard garden (ok, expanding onto the driveway, if I'm being really honest). That picture is a day old now and the little pumpkin was almost the size of my fist when I went to check on it this evening.

I've got some handspun calling my name before it's time to turn in for the night so I'll just leave you with this shot of our garden visitor hanging out with the zucchini.

How many rows can I knit before I nod off on the needles?


Jodi said...

I am so impressed that you're back at work and still spinning, knitting, and gardening! Beautiful photos, and I'm jealous of your veggie garden (I love zucchini and pumpkins).

Kuura is very pretty, and the pattern's all new to me. Tempting!

Stephanie said...

I like how your yarn is knitting up with pink, purple, and brown tones. I run into the problem that Ravelry is blocked at work, but it's a pain to type too much on my iPhone, so not all the Internet is available at once! ;-) I'm always slow with finishing items. I blocked my Follow Your Arrow shawl last Sat and it was even completed by the beginning of May! I also have to sew the button onto Emma's sweater, although I would prefer if she would try it on 1st. I have been reminded that it's not sweater weather yet. (sjn821)

Jacey said...

I love the look of Kuura! I'll have to check into that one. Beautiful as always!