Sunday, June 21, 2015


I seem to have fallen off the blogging bandwagon lately. A combination of only knitting a few stitches here and there late at night before going to bed (trust me, pictures of gradually lengthening green tubes are just not that interesting) and often choosing to work on a project rather than write about it have kept me away from the computer.

Even though the knit-blogging juices haven't been flowing, I've really enjoyed playing with my camera this summer. These top two shots are from our trek to the arboretum yesterday. There was a wonderful moment when the wind picked up just as I was trying to capture a shot of the echinacea and Tadpole exclaimed, "Don't worry, mommy, I'll hold it for you!" as she lunged in front of me to hold a flower stem still. (For the record, the pic above was taken after the wind died down).

Our garden is an endless source of delight this season. I'm especially fond of the sugar snap peas (even if they persist in growing out into the air rather than up the trellis I thoughtfully provided this year). I'm hoping I planted enough that some of the pea pods will make it into the house before I eat them.

The kale is looking terrific this year and the girls are eager to turn it into kale chips.

Hopefully this will turn into more zucchini bread than we know what to do with. I was good this year and (mostly) obeyed the spacing suggestions for the various veggies we planted, which explains my overflow pumpkin patch in the corner of the back yard.

So, if I haven't been single-mindedly focused on my Stasis sweater, what have I been doing? For starters, I finished a quilt top:

It's a night-time cell phone shot but I was (am) so incredibly proud of this one. Honestly, cutting the long straight pieces for the sashing and borders was the scariest part for me since no matter how careful I am, I'm amazed at how imprecise my cutting can be.

I'm getting this one quilted at my local quilt shop and will get it back sometime next month. Then I'll just need to put the binding on and convince Tadpole that it's mine, not hers.

With the big quilt top done, I wanted something quick and easy to piece together so I could practice some more free motion quilting. Yesterday, I cut some fat quarters into 6" squares and played with the layout until I settled on an arrangement I liked (a very methodical random assortment).

Tadpole thought placing the squares was pretty fun, too. Staying up a bit later than I should have, I pieced the top last night:

Now I just have to figure out how to quilt it. Pebbles? Free-motion lines? A combination of the two? Quilt alternating blocks and leave the others open? Clearly I still have some thinking to do.

I also need to start thinking about fall sweaters for the girls so I can start them in time to finish before fall. It was chilly enough for sweaters a couple of weeks ago and the girls were happy to model for the camera.

I could have sworn those sleeves were longer!

Tadpole has requested a sweater with "flowers and lots of buttons." Any suggestions for a girl's cardigan with flower motifs? I have several thoughts for Sprout but nothing has coalesced into a workable idea yet. It's only June - plenty of time to let the design ideas percolate a bit longer (and finish my own sweater.

In the meantime, I've just joined the sleeves to the body of my Stasis pullover and have plenty to keep me busy. Another inch or two of stockinette before things get interesting again. I'm looking forward to the colorwork yoke!


Rachel said...

That top picture is so pretty Rue! And yes, even sans toddler, I've never had much luck taking pictures of flowers that are being held! glad to see you are gardening...just a few more years and I'll be back in the thick of it. Can't wait. A suggestion for a few of your zucchini that I've done a lot and we love:

It's the first one...zucchini refrigerator pickles. So easy to make, I can eat these by the jarful, and they keep in the fridge for quite a long time if you have room (months even)!

Everything else looks so lovely as usual. Your quilt top is going to be beautiful (very good reason to be proud!) and I can't wait to see it quilted up. And your second also -- we have a similar color sense I think -- some of that fabric is gorgeous!

Jodi said...

Gorgeous photos! What's the name of the orange flower in the second picture?

The new quilt is marvelous -- the colors and patterns really pop in your "random" arrangement.

How about Bláithín (junior) by Kate Davies for Tadpole? I need to get on a new sweater for Erik, too -- he'll have outgrown everything by fall. I'm contemplating Flax, Lucky (you), and Latte Baby Coat.