Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I got a little treat in the mail late last week: a WooLee winder. I have been dreaming about this nifty little device for well over a year (I saw it on a blog somewhere and instantly wanted one). Then last year I got to try one at Maryland Sheep & Wool and fell in love. Yeah, my husband appreciated that one.

So a few weeks back I was navajo-plying up some BFL singles and getting really annoyed at having to stop every minute or two to move the yarn along the hooks of the flyer. Later that day I turned to my husband and asked the fateful question:

me: What do you think of using part of our tax rebate/refund/thing that is coming in May to get a WooLee winder?

him: Well, I was really hoping that we could be contrary about this whole refund thing; I'd rather put it into the savings account.

me: Oh.

him: Why don't you just buy it now?

me: But I was all prepared for delayed gratification. I was ready for it. I'm just not ready to go ahead and buy the WooLee winder now.

him: Don't be silly, just get it now and you'll enjoy spinning so much more.

I love my husband.

Spinning_040108, originally uploaded by tinksandfrogs.

And yes, I do enjoy my spinning so much more now. This week I have been sitting down at the wheel for 10 minutes before heading out the door to catch the train in the mornings and it is wonderful. 10 minutes and each and every second is spent spinning.

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