Monday, April 14, 2008

Urban Acrobatics

I did something amazing this morning. I cast on for a new sock. In magic loop. On the el. Yes, balancing bags and the various accouterments that I need to start the work week, I managed to start a sock on the train. Happily my fellow passengers did not seem too alarmed as I dug out yarn and a 40" size 1 circular needle from the bottomless pit of my tote bag and proceeded to cast on grey sock number two. I managed three rows of ribbing before I made it downtown. Now I have a brand new way to clock my commute.

Do I have a picture of my accomplishments? No.

However, I did manage to ignore my various gift-knitting obligations this weekend (not to worry, the sock is a gift) and cast on a new little lovely:

Here we have a Baby Surprise Jacket (ravelry link) in Dream in Color Classy in color Spring Tickle. The yarn is machine washable and has a beautiful soft hand. It is pretty in the skein and absolutely stunning knit up. I think the garter stitch shows the subtle color variations incredibly well. The picture does not do it justice.

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