Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Falling behind

I totally missed mother's day (sorry Mom!). Actually, I called both my mother and my grandmother (and visited with my MIL the day before) but my Brandywine Shawl is still not done.

I wish I could say that I have fantastic knitting shots to share with you but this is all I've got:

You might have noticed that the background is a bit different. That's right: the DH and I moved to a new apartment a little over a week ago and boy, has it been an adventure. First of all, the new building is fantastic, the management is friendly and responsive, I can walk to work, we're much closer to more public transit, and the entire complex is non-smoking! But it took us 7 days to get electricity in the new apartment.

That's right. 7 days. I've transferred service online in every other move we've made and never had a problem with it until two Saturdays ago when I walked into the new apartment, flicked the light switch, and nothing happened. I called the power company and discovered that the previous tenant never cancelled service but just stopped paying, causing the power company to come out and physically turn off power (and meaning that they had to come back and physically turn it back on) - not something that they do during the weekend.

So we bought some battery-powered lanterns and camped out over the weekend. I called the power company again on Monday to discover that when service gets disconnected for non-payment, the online ordering functions don't work, but there's no mechanism to inform customers of that fact. I went ahead and placed an order for new service and was told that it would be another 1-3 business days before someone could come out and physically turn power back on. 

On Thursday, after three days of calling for updates and pleading with the power company to please turn the power back on, we learned that a technician was finally coming. Nothing happened. I called again on Friday morning and was told that my first order for new service had been cancelled and that they started up another one (with another 1-3 business days timeline) because the technician couldn't find the building. It's a big residential complex - the only one for several blocks on this stretch of the road - and easily found with google maps. At this point, I burst into tears and turned to the DH, who had taken a half-day off from work to see if he could help with the power company, and asked him to go speak with the building management. An hour later, we had power. 

Note to self: don't listen to the utility company - just go to the management office first.

Anyway, I've been knitting away at the Brandywine shawl. But mostly I've been unpacking and working on a last big work project. That's almost done so I'm looking forward to a week and a half of mini-vacation before jumping into a busy summer.

Hopefully I'll have some fun knitting pics to share soon!


SDQuilter said...

Welcome to your new place!! And what an adventure (read trial here). I think I am waiting for you to block my Brandywine. I can't get myself motivated, but I have until the 30th to get it done. Enjoy your knit time.

Jonah said...

It was an interesting week, but done now. I like both the orange things in your picture!

Sel and Poivre said...

I had a similar experience with furnace repair in January when my frustration built to the point of near immobilization. You do everything you are supposed to yet new and diabolical traps keep popping up preventing any progress to be made!

In contrast your photo looks absolutely blissful - enjoy your hard earned success!

elizabeth said...

What a nightmare! I wouldn't have thought to go to building management, you have a smart hubby! Hope you get settled in soon. :o)

Brenda said...

I cannot imagine 7 days without electricity. Once we had 11 days without telephone and that was bad enough. But electricity!

Rachel said...

Ah, so that's the full story behind the electricity! Considering how much time I've spent in the field during the past decade without electricity, I'm kinda thinking I'd welcome that over the stress of pre-lims! But then again, being in the woods without electricity is very different than being in your new apartment!

Glad you love your new place...what about your job?? Are you now studying?