Monday, October 4, 2010


Attainable or not attainable? That is the question.

DH are heading out of town this weekend and naturally I have my little list of knitting goals that I want to accomplish before we take off on our trip. In the hopes that I don't sound too delusional, here it is:

1. Finish Hallett's Ledge so we can take FO pics during the trip. Attainable? I think so.

That pile there contains all of the pieces of the sweater and you know what? They're done! I just have to knit up the neck and button bands and sew in the sleeves. Is it wrong of me to hope that the Patriots' game tonight goes into overtime if I need a few more minutes for finishing.

Of course, that's not all the finishing I have to do on this one. I need to block the piece and then sew on buttons, all of which will take a couple of days. Since we're leaving Friday evening I need to be done by Thursday. Still sounds pretty doable.

2. Speaking of things that need to be done by Thursday . . . I also want to cast on for a secret project that will be great plane knitting. The cast on is a bit funky and I should be relatively awake when I do it, so I can't wait on this one until 10:00 on Thursday. As a last resort, I could always cast on in the airport but that sounds like begging for trouble.

Attainable? As long as the finishing on Hallett's Ledge goes smoothly, yes.

3. Come to think of it, I really only have two knitting goals this week. That's better than I thought. All of my other trip knitting has already been decided. My second Marlene sock (rav link) will be a great small project and then when it comes to mindless, feel-good knitting I'll also have this:

This is the third iteration of a little pattern I whipped up several months ago. You've seen two other versions before:

It's absolutely addictive and a great stash-buster. I hope to have a free little pattern for it available soon. Just be careful where you put it down - you might not be able to get it back.


Jonah said...

Someone's enjoying his knitting!

Jodi said...

Best of luck finishing up Hallett' Ledge! It's going to be gorgeous.

I love your pattern and can't wait to knit one up! That's one cute kitty.

Gale said...

That's a great pic of Kitty staking his territory. Good luck with getting it back, and have a great time.

elizabeth said...

Of all the surfaces available, why do cats always pick the knitting? BECAUSE THEY'RE NO FOOLS!!!! Ha. Can't wait to see Hallett' Ledge!

And congrats on passing the bar, I tried to comment yesterday but my computer wouldn't let me!

Sel and Poivre said...

I'm just trying to catch up on things around my favourite blogs so I've been kind of skimming along before getting here but I'm going to have to slow right down and take a couple of runs at getting through all the fabulous posts here at Tinks and Frogs!

So much beautiful knitting (with links!)and you passed the Bar Exam! Wow! Huge congratulations! And Juneberry too!?

I'll be back!

Rachel said...

Considering it seems as if you just cast on Hallett's Ledge, I have no doubt all your knitting goals will be accomplished before heading out this weekend. Miss speedy knitter indeed.

I may have to break down and knit a scarf for myself if you post this pattern. Then will have to figure out how to wear it!

I love that cats must lay on everything we don't want them to lay on. It makes them cats!