Sunday, January 9, 2011

I spoke a little too soon

Ever since I cast on for the honey baby blanket, I've been sticking to a pretty good schedule: one section per week. Honestly, it just worked out that way for the first chart pattern and after that I set each succeeding section as my knitting goal for the next week. I finished the final lace chart last weekend and only the edging was left to do. Naturally, I expected to have finished the knitting by now. Does this look like a finished blanket to you?

Nope, it doesn't look like a finished blanket to me, either. I keep asking the other members of chez Tinks and Frogs for help with the edging but to no avail. Mr. Tinks and Frogs has been hard at work clearing out our second bedroom in preparation for the painters who are coming tomorrow, so that seems like a reasonable excuse. Nayyir, on the other hand, has been hard at work not being hard at work (he might have mentioned something about the difficulties in knitting when one doesn't have opposable thumbs but it's sometime tough to tell when he's talking in his sleep). So what gives?

I was going strong through Sunday and into Monday. And then on Tuesday I managed to fall asleep over the knitting. Don't get me wrong, as far as knitted on edgings go this one is fairly entertaining. That said, working the same 8-stitch, 4-row repeat over and over while sitting in a warm, dimly lit room and listening to an audiobook can get a bit soporific. I've learned my lesson: no more knitted on edgings in bed. It's just too dangerous. Thank goodness Mr. Tinks and Frogs noticed what had happened before I poked an eye out with one of my addi lace needles (those things are pointy!).

I confess, after the excitement of the various stitch patterns in the body of the blanket, I'm getting just a little bit bored. Any and every new thing has the power to distract me these days. Maybe that would explain where this came from:

That sock just came out of nowhere. I even cast on for its mate yesterday and have managed a few rows of ribbing while waiting for an appointment this afternoon.

At least my distraction can help serve as motivation to finish up the blanket (I hope!). I was extra good the other day and walked home from work, as opposed to taking the train. The last, windy leg of my little trek reminded me that I've been meaning to knit up a pair of lined stranded colorwork mittens to help keep my fingers warm. After spending more time surfing ravelry than I care to admit, I finally settled on this pattern. A bit more project browsing later, I decided that I absolutely had to have this kit and screw the stash diet (it was one of those weeks, what can I say?). But then I looked at the exchange rate and saw that the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar right now and just couldn't justify spending over $60 for a mitten kit when I'm supposed to be working down the stash. Happily, this made me think a bit more creatively about the yarns that I do have around the apartment and it turns out I have a great option after all.

But I can't cast on until the edging is done. Wish me luck!


Gale said...

Good looking sock, and decent progress on that border. I too looked at that kit. It's so pretty.

Jacey said...

Wow, a sock and an almost finished blanket?? I feel like a slacker. The blanket is going to be amazing when you finish. You've moved really quickly, so don't fret the border.

elizabeth said...

You will speed through that edging with a mitten kit to look forward to! I did the same thing last night, only had the toe left on a second sock and even though I had sweater yarn wound and needles and pattern at the ready, I MADE myself finish that toe before casting on!

Rachel said...

It seems that everyone that does a big lace blanket or shawl always underestimates how long that edging will take (remember a few posts from Yarn Harlot lately on that very topic!). Good luck finishing it up (if you haven't already)! I can't wait to see this blocked's going to be so gorgeous!

So proud of you for not purchasing the kit for the fiddlehead mittens...I'm impressed. I've loved those and have been tempted myself in the past. I've also resisted some temptation lately as well...I need to at least go a few months without purchasing yarn!

Cool sock!