Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best yarn yet

Wow, I knew my last post was a hot topic but I was blown away by the number of responses. Thank you! It was really nice to hear all of your different ideas (and to get confirmation that I shouldn't be expected to provide the sort of assistance that some knitters have asked for). If you want to add your 2 cents to the discussion, and get a chance to win some yarn, you still have until Monday.

Moving along . . . you're probably here to see that yarn I promised.

Let's see, I started with this

which became this

and this

that in turn became this

That's 444 yards of 2-ply worsted spun BFL/silk from the Portland Fiber Gallery (Etsy shop). What weight? Umm, I forgot to check that - I was too busy fondling the skein.

It's about this thick

So what do I do with it? Besides fondle it and admire it as it sits in my knitting basket, of course. It should be a wrap of some sort with a simple yet interesting texture that keeps my interest while knitting but lets the yarn do the talking. Something with the feel of Terra, but not Terra. I want something new.

Pattern suggestions? I'm all ears!

And while you're thinking about it, how about a little bit of Tadpole/yarn love?

She thinks the skein is pretty nifty, too. And the yarn . . . it's not felted yet.


Kathy said...

She must not be teething! haha. :)

How about wandering the moors? Just one of the few I've done, but I like it. Or damask, but it's probably not enough pattern for the yarn you have.

beardedknitter said...

Oh my goodness, that yarn looks incredible! Well done! And it gets the Tadpole Seal of Approval, no less.

Gale said...

I love it. No ideas though.

Sel and Poivre said...

She is getting so big! Look at those adorable toes!

Rachel said...

It's beautiful Rue! And so glad it got the Tadpole seal of approval! I have no pattern suggestions as my brain is actually quite far from knitting at the moment...but I'm sure that you'll find the perfect pattern for it without my help! ;)

Jacey said...

Love! Your new handspun is beautiful, and the pictures of Tadpole with your new yarn? Well, those are just too much! I'm not sure what you should do with it, but I bet you'll find a great way showcase the beautiful spinning.