Friday, June 3, 2011

Fits and spurts

An amazing thing happened this morning. I got up, showered, made breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, made a cup of tea, and got to start drinking the tea all before a certain someone woke up. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. And then I remembered - blog! So I checked in on the sleeping tadpole and fished out my camera to snap some WIP shots. Of course, once she woke up she stayed awake for over two and a half hours (a very long time in Tadpole-land) so I'm just now sitting down to type.

Can you tell this one is a sweater? Would it help if I said it was a cardigan? And you'll never guess what stitch pattern I decided to use.

One of these days I may actually be able to get an accurate photo of the color of this yarn. It's a lovely deep purple that just doesn't play well with my camera. The first pic is closer to the real thing.

But what about the clever bits of this design? No, it's not just that I'm using the stitch pattern from my favorite socks. My plan is to make a one-size-fits-most baby sweater. Or a fits-for-longer-than-three-weeks baby sweater. When I was pregnant, I had the toughest time figuring out what to knit for Tadpole because I had no idea what size to make. Or how quickly she would grow (very!).

This particular stitch pattern is great because it is incredibly elastic and looks interesting and attractive no matter how it is stretched. I pulled out my gauge swatch (aka that sock I finished a little while ago) and crunched the numbers so that the un-stretched fabric would fit Tadpole now-ish and the stretched fabric would fit her once she's in 6-12 month sized clothing with a bit of room to spare. My plan is to make the body and sleeves on the longer side to really allow for growth and a range of body shapes and sizes.

And that's not all I've done this week.

Not that you can tell from the picture, but I am two rows into the lace section on Rock Island. How did I manage to get this much knitting done?

Well, this helped.

My assistant wasn't too interested in the knitting.


Jacey said...

Even though the purple isn't photographing properly, the sweater is lovely so far! I'm glad you got to enjoy some quiet adult time this morning. Your assistant is just too cute, and it looks like you've mastered the concept of knitting without too much movement. :)

Jonah said...

Beautiful. And I just have to say that I would NEVER have the patience for something like Rock Island.

Gale said...

She looks comfortable. At least you can get some knitting time in like that.

elizabeth said...

I swear, she's taken a page out of Drew's book! He spent his first three months sacked out on my shoulder like that. Thanks for sharing your sweet baby with us!

Jodi said...

Aw, that is one cute, sleepy knitting assistant! So great to see you again (and meet Jonah and Rowan) last week.

Rock Island is looking fabulous!

Rachel said...

I hope that when I get back at the end of the season, I'll see a finished Rock Island!! I bet it is going to look so amazing in that green. I suppose it may actually be possible if little one sleeps more either in the morning or on the shoulder!

Interesting concept for a baby sweater...I'm fascinated to see how it turns out!

Bibi said...

very beautifull picture!knit mama!