Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tadpole Tuesday: I think I'm hooked

On toys, that is. 

This has been a pretty quick knit so far (aka, I've had a fair amount of knitting time between the Patriots' game and all of the training videos I watched over the long weekend) and really clever! I just don't think in three dimensions like that and I'm really impressed with the designer. Excellent use of short rows!

A couple of quick thoughts about knitted toys:

  • You need really good finishing skills - this is not a beginner project
  • It's great for using up scraps - this one didn't even use up half a skein
  • You can stuff it with leftovers - that's what the pink yarn is for
And yes, it amuses me to no end that my loch ness monster has realistic looking innards.

I'll need to make a second one for Tadpole!


Jonah said...

Love the innards!!

Gale NoName said...

Love the beast. Perhaps I'll follow your lead and make a dinosaur or two.

Kathy said...

I thought you were hooked on Tadpoles! And I thought, yes, more baby knits!


Anyhoo... finishing skills, I need to work on those. I love your moster.

three dimensions. I did a baby bootie and couldn't even figure out if I was on the top or bottom until near the end. That is why turning the heel still amazes me, i think.

Rachel said...

I like thinking I played a small role in you being hooked. Although I have to say...next you should really try one of Ysolda's toys. NO FINISHING except the most basic. You only have to be able to pick up and knit stitches really well. I bet R would love a Sophie!

Your lochness looks great by the way...and I love that it has pink innards!

Shnitzy from Knitting Yarn Blog said...

Both pics are cute. The baby is cuter :)

elizabeth said...

Love it! You could also stuff it with fiber scraps!