Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tadpole Tuesday: napping knits

I really should have titled this post "nighttime when Tadpole doesn't want to go back in her crib and will only sleep on my shoulder knits" but "napping knits" has a nicer ring to it. We're back in a phase where sleep is a bit rough, to say the least, and she'll happily snooze on one of us but protests when we try to get her back into the crib.

Tonight is one of several nights recently where I've had grand knitting ambitions and instead ended up snuggling with a baby instead. Not that I mind, the snuggles are lovely, but I really wanted to knit!

Remember these days?

Those were lovely - baby snuggles AND knitting. I think it's time to bring that back.

I've even thought of the perfect project - plain socks. I wore holes in four different pairs over the last month or so and I realized that while fancy socks are more fun to knit, I tend to always pull the plain ones out of the drawer. Since I need to replenish my sock supply, plain socks will be perfect for knitting in the dark.

The trick is going to be figuring out how to store the project so that it's easy to access while I'm sitting in the rocking chair but not so easy that Tadpole can get to it during the day. Suggestions?

When I was thinking about what to post today, I immediately jumped to my one true "napping knit" of late - the new project I started last week while sitting in a parked car waiting for Tadpole to wake up from her nap. But I still haven't taken the pictures of Girasole off my camera and I think you'll understand when I say that it'll have to wait for later. If I can manage a successful crib transfer in a minute, I just want to go knit!


gorgeousknitting said...

I really do love your stories!

Kathy said...

I can't wait to see Girasole in progress. I think I'll be emailing you soon about JF patterns...

Jodi said...

Hope the crib transfer went OK! Looking forward to the Girasole photos.

Hmmm... what about some sort of basket with a lid for the socks? The good old ziplock bag route would work, but it doesn't exactly look terrific sitting out.

Jennifer said...

Hmmmm... I attach my small GoKnits bag to my belt loops and carry it with me. That way I've got my knitting with me. Maybe that would work for you and keep it away from Tadpole.

I agree. I love simple socks, too. While I enjoy knitting patterns socks, I find that autopilot stockinette socks are the ones I return to time and time again.

Happy knitting!

Rachel said...

No suggestions come to mind. I'm still laughing that you consider Girasole to be a 'napping knit'. In fact, I had to go to Ravelry to make sure I was thinking of the right project and then I laughed some more. Plain socks I can see...large, complicated lace circular shawl...only Rue! ;)

Jacey said...

The yarn you chose for Girasole is still on my mind. I must get some! And I second Rachel's comment on the difficulty level. ;)