Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miss Marple

Several months ago, when I was knitting her a purple cabled jumper, Tadpole informed me that she would like a yellow sweater. Happy to oblige, I picked out some buttercup colored Cascade 220 from my local yarn shop and cast on for Miss Marple

I don't always have the most cooperative knitwear model but she was thrilled to do a photo shoot for this one. 

I can't speak to the other sizes but the sleeve caps and armscyes still seem too big to me on the 4T size. Perhaps it was a gauge issue - I might have knit more loosely on the short row sleeve caps than elsewhere. But if I were to knit this again (and I very we'll might), I'd make the armsceye smaller and reduce the number of sleeve stitches at the upper arm accordingly. 

Otherwise, this was a great pattern. The lace was simple but just enough to keep things interesting. I always like short row sleeve caps. And there was minimal finishing (especially because I worked the neck and button bands at the same time, rather than doing the neck band first as the pattern suggested). 

I'm calling this one a winner!


Jodi said...

So cute! She looks happy as a clam in her new cardigan. I see what you mean about the sleeve caps -- luckily it just gives it a bit of a "puffed sleeve" look. The color is just lovely -- I like that the buttons are in a tonal shade (I need to remember that trick).

Andi said...

Ah love! With those smiles, I would knit her the world. Beautiful little cardigan.

Brendaknits said...

Tadpole is a winner too with that smile. Lovely sweater - even with wonky armholes.

Jennifer said...

Wow - I was shocked to see that tadpole has grown so much. She's adorable... but she's no longer a little baby. I LOVE how thrilled she is with her yellow sweater. Yeah Mom! You knit a keeper. I'm so glad she was having fun with this photo shoot.

Stephanie said...

I'm looking forward to the day when Emma is this excited about her handknits. :-) Glad Tadpole was so happy with her sweater. I would try to think of the puffy sleeves as a design "feature". ;-) (sjn821)

Jacey said...

She is so freaking adorable. What a cheesy smile! The sweater is lovely, too.