Sunday, July 7, 2013

Popping in

I was all set to post about my latest FO - the first in my latest destashing operation - when I realized that I had probably better save the full write-up for after the recipient actually received it (which, in turn, requires that I get the package out the door). So I'll just give a little sneak peek for now:

Boy, did I find a nice new baby knit. I will definitely be making more of these!

I'm the meantime, I've been plugging away happily on a longer-term project. 

I'm a few rows farther along on the edging than you can see in this picture - I'm on the last color before turning the edge and working the back side of the double- sided edging! This one is taking a little while. If I remember correctly, the rows are several hundred stitches long at this point (closer to 1000 than 500). I'm certainly not going to check that number right now! But I did work out that each row takes about 40 minutes (10 minutes per side isn't bad). Multiply that by four rows for each of the nine colors, plus a couple extra rows for the turn, and you get a number I don't want to think about. All I know is that I'm almost halfway!


Andi said...

Lovely knits Rue! Now the second one has me really drooling. What an amazing undertaking. Sure to become one of your favorite knits.

Stephanie said...

Sneak peak of the baby sweater looks great! I'll check back for a pattern link. I like the look of cables, but find them somewhat fiddle-y to knit, so it's nice to find a project with just a little. Finishing your colorwork blanket will be a major achievement and an amazing FO! (sjn821)

Jacey said...

The baby sweater is gorgeous. I think you need an adult version for yourself in the same shade! And I am so excited for your blanket. I know you've wanted to knit that one for ages.