Thursday, March 20, 2008

Color envy

My spinning wheel and I became reacquainted this week. I love spinning and I especially love the progress that I have been making as I learn more about how to use my wheel and the different fibers in my stash. However, if I only have a few minutes of spare time I am much more likely to pick up my knitting than to sit down at the wheel.

Part of the problem lately has been color envy. I think it hit me when I had wandered over to look at Brooklyntweed's spinning photoset. All those beautiful colors and what was I spinning? White. Plain white blue face leicester. Now this is some lovely stuff, to be fair. A beautifully prepared top that I picked up from The Fold about a year ago.

Yesterday the color envy hit especially hard. My bobbin was about two-thirds full but I just could not stay away from the color in my spinning stash any longer. Of course, I justified stopping by telling myself that I had not navajo-plied anything in quite a while and maybe the plied yarn would overflow the bobbin if I spun anymore of the single. Who was I kidding? So I ended up with this:

About 93 yards of fingering weight BFL three-ply. I am quite taken with it, even if I do not have the slightest clue what to use it for. In all likelihood it will sit in the stash until I get back to spinning up the rest of that big ball from The Fold.

Can you blame me when this is in the stash?

The baby camel/ tussah silk blend (top photo) now sits happily on the wheel.

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