Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On my desk

I often knit while I read, especially if I am lucky enough to have a book that will lie open by itself. This little habit is especially useful in helping me get my work-related reading done since I find that if my hands are fidgeting my brain does not need to and the reading goes much more quickly. These projects usually have a simple stitch pattern that I do not need to look at while I work. Stockinette, garter, and simple patterns with short repeats are usually designated "reading projects."

So, what do I have on my desk at the moment? The second incarnation of the Baby Boatneck (ravelry link) grows steadily.

If you look closely you can see that the stripe color following the navy blue differs from what I posted a few days ago in the tutorial. Originally I had chosen periwinkle to follow navy but changed the colors around after I started knitting and saw how the alternating stripes were going to work together. However, that did not keep me from trying to start periwinkle after the navy whenever I got the chance. It was not until I started choosing pictures for the tutorial that I noticed my mistake so I got to spend the upload time frogging back to the end of the navy section.

What is even more embarrassing is that I did the exact same thing after I finished the first pattern repeat and started the second last night. There I had knit a good three or four garter ridges before I realized my mistake. Needless to say, I have been doing enough frogging lately to earn this blog name.

Moving on to less embarrassing knitting news, I also have a new husband sock on my desk. Plain stockinette in trekking color 185. It looks rather like blue jeans, I think.

Yes, I know that a pattern would be lovely, especially when I am lucky enough to have a husband who appreciates such things. That said, the stockinette will hopefully be done within the month and after all of the guilt that he has given me over not having any new hand-knit socks I am sure he would prefer simple socks now to interesting ones at some indefinite future date.

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