Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost There

I don't have a modeled shot yet, so this is just a teaser. I'll do a real FO post next week once the DH has had a chance to try the sweater on. For now, what else can I say but "voila":

That's right. I finished Lismore this week. I wove in the last end (trust me, there were a lot) on Sunday evening, gave the sweater a little bath in some Soak, and set it out to dry. Thank goodness the sweater was dry by yesterday afternoon since we had a friend coming over for dinner and I needed my dining table back!

I have plenty to say about this project but I'm going to wait until the FO post. How about some gratuitous pics instead?

An inside-out shot or two?

Can you stand one more?

More on this project later. The DH and I are heading off to Maine tomorrow for our last round of holiday visiting. Our trip includes an excursion to Halcyon Yarn in Bath on Saturday. It should be a lot of fun. Just cross your fingers that we'll be able to get out of Chicago before the worst of the snow hits.

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Rachel said...

Wow! It's stunning...inside and out! Can't wait for more details and a modeled shot!

I hope you enjoy Maine...I grew up on the east coast and we'd often go to Bar Harbor for a summer trip. Definitely my favorite vacation spot as a child. I've been thinking I need to find a way to go back since it's been years! Enjoy and stay warm!