Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's next?

My knitting life feels a bit empty now that I've finished both the secret project and Lismore (or The Starmore, as I've been thinking about it). Perhaps that is because I've been doing a fair amount of spinning over the past week or so.


turned into this

300 yards of navajo-plied 80/20 merino/mohair top.  The color is more of a mix between the top pic and the bottom ones. It's a navy base with streaks of yellows and reds.

What's on the wheel right now? I'm working my way through 13.1 oz of BFL top dyed by Chris of Briar Rose Fibers. If everything works out, I should have enough for a Coraline (ravelry link). I split the top into four pieces to turn into four 2-ply skeins. Each of the four pieces was then split in half. I predrafted one of the halves all in one pieces. The second half I split into four or five sections lengthwise before predrafting. One ply will have long color repeats to contrast with shorter repeats in the other ply. Hopefully this will help blend the colors for a more even knitted piece. Take a look at what I've got so far:

I think it's time to go sit back down at my wheel.

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Rachel said...

ooohhh...pretty! I think if you use that to knit Coraline, it'll be gorgeous. That pattern is on the 'to knit' list that never ends! :)