Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Review

I didn't think I had knit very much this year. Or rather, I didn't think that I had finished very much in 2009, so I was a bit surprised when I saw that I had completed 32 projects in the past year. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Here is a brief look at what has happened here at Tinks and Frogs:

2009 Finished Objects

4 sweaters: Victoria, Alpaca Raglan, Staghorn, and the Barbara Walker Sweater

3 hats: Seaman's Cap, Shedir, and Claudia (which was gifted away too quickly for me to remember to snap a picture)

2 Toddler Gifts: the Owl Dress and Tomten

6 pairs of fingerless mitts (5 of them look like the garter mitts shown first)

2 Blankets: Bear Claw and Hemlock Ring

7 shawls/scarves: Cluaranach, Fiddlehead Scarf, Madli's Scarf, Ene's Scarf, Peak's Island Hood, Handspun Scarflet, Fir Cone Cowl

And 8 pairs of socks (not counting all of the single socks waiting for me to knit their mates)

What does 2010 hold for Tinks and Frogs? Well, for one thing, I would like to blog more and more consistently. I have some fun projects planned for this year: Forecast and Miralda's Triangular Scarf are on the needles right now and there are more to come. My two giant Christmas gifts from 2009 are almost done. The secret project just needs its buttons sewn on and Lismore has about 100 or so more ends to weave in. I hope to have FO pictures of both of those soon.

I hope you all have a happy and productive new year. Thanks for reading.


Jonah said...

Very Pretty! Resolutions for next year: More knitting for husband?
(Although the two almost-finished-sweaters are pretty amazing!)

Rue said...

I think we might be able to manage something along those lines. I'm glad you like them!

Rachel said...

I followed a link to your blog a few weeks ago from Kathryn's comments and have been enjoying reading and seeing your knits. I just hadn't gotten around to commenting yet...I'm trying to be better about that. You certainly had a productive year in knitting...they all look fabulous (I especially love your striped sweater)! Here's wishing you another creative new year!

Rue said...

Thanks, Rachel! I am also guilty of reading but not commenting so I'll be working on that one with you :)

I'm glad you liked the striped sweater. It was fun to knit and I especially enjoyed learning a new technique of sweater construction. Now if only it had fit once I finished it . . .