Sunday, July 10, 2011

Days 6-9

Wow, I'm actually spinning every day! I'm pretty impressed with myself for this one. Where were we last time? I believe I had just started spinning up the red Cormo. On Thursday I finished up the singles.

I really wasn't too confident about this one when I finished the bobbin. The singles weren't as even as I would have liked and I really wasn't sure what the finished yarn was going to look like.  Since I only had an ounce of this particular batch, I figured it would make a great test yarn. I decided to navajo-ply the singles because it's easy, to be perfectly honest. I didn't want to make an andean plying bracelet (aka a tourniquet for my middle finger) and I thought keeping the colors together would be nice.

And indeed it was.

That's the pre-wash shot. This one turned out far nicer than I had expected. And here's the post-bath pic:

Look at that bloom! (And the color difference is due entirely to taking pictures at different times of the day, the yarn didn't bleed at all.)

I suppose I should have looked up the Cormo section in my new book before I started spinning. This particular breed is a recent development, begun by breeding Corriedale with Merino (hence the name), with a focus on producing consistent fleeces. Did you know that true Cormo sheep have fleeces whose fibers don't vary by more than 2 microns from the average fiber width of the fleece? That sort of consistency is amazing. The fibers have a fine crimp and, as I discovered and the book reminded me, bloom quite a bit when washed.

This was such a fun transformation that I had to start spinning up my second batch of Cormo next. Saturday I got the bobbin going.

And today I finished the first half of the bump. I'm shooting for a lace-weight (ish). We'll see what happens after it hits the water.

Speaking of giving yarn a bath, the Polwarth got a little soak to set the twist (err, wash the drool off).

The drool didn't stay off for long, though.


Jonah said...

It's beautiful! and I think the Cormo turned out just fine indeed. (Feels nice, too, although that's difficult to convey on a blog.)

Jodi said...

Busy, busy! So much beautiful spinning. I love the feel of Cormo. I recently finished crocheting a Cormo scarf, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it washes!

Gale said...

I agree.

Jacey said...

I'm really impressed with your commitment to TDF. You are rocking it! The purple spinning in progress is especially gorgeous! And the Polwarth after washing? Wow. It's so beautiful.

elizabeth said...

What can I say - the kid's got great taste! LOVE the Cormo, you're making me want to dig mine out of the closet and ditch the difficult wool I'm spinning now.