Monday, July 25, 2011


I did it! I spun every day that the Tour rode. No, I didn't spin through all of my birthday Briar Rose haul but I'm still really proud of what I was able to accomplish.

This past week I worked on the second bump of Polwarth, about 6.5 ounces of that lovely fiber. I had finished up the singles by the end of the day on Saturday and this greeted me on Sunday morning:

Plying took about an hour and I ended up with my favorite finished yarn yet. I really need to spin 3-ply yarn more often!

That's 350 yards of dk/light worsted weight. I'm not exactly sure how thick it is since the yarn is still a bit damp. But I just couldn't wait any longer to snap a picture (and you wouldn't be able to see anything if I tried to get a shot while the yarn hung to dry in the bathroom).

So how did I do?

Working left to right, I spun (a) 82 yards of navajo-plied Cormo; (b) 330 yards 2-ply Cormo; (c) 370 yards 2-ply Polwarth; and (d) 350 yards 3-ply Polwarth. That's 1132 yards of finished yarn (and 2696 yards of singles).

Not bad at all.

Things are moving forward on the knitting front, too. I sewed buttons onto Tadpole's sweater last night. (Oh, how I despise sewing on buttons!) It still needs a bath and blocking but I'm getting closer to FO shots.

I also cast on for Damask about a week ago. What Damask? It's not in the project bar. Yup, I frogged it a few days later. I wasn't thrilled with my yarn/needle combination (Swan's Island Fingering on size 6 needles) and the pattern rather annoyed me. There's no key to the symbols in the pattern charts - you have to read the line-by-line instructions, which I don't like to use, to figure out what the symbols mean. This normally wouldn't be a problem but the designer's symbols aren't intuitive (blank squares for purls on RS rows, for instance) and some of the symbols are entirely made up - not something you'd usually find in a commercial chart. I just wasn't enjoying the knit and I wanted something relatively mindless that I could knit on autopilot.

So I frogged Damask and cast on for Citron. I'm sure I'll get sick of the stockinette at some point but for now it's just addictive knitting.

I'm actually quite a bit farther than you can see in this picture (which I only took a couple of hours ago!). Yes, someone managed to take a decent nap this afternoon.


kristenmakes said...

congrats! Wow, those are lovely, what amazing shades.

Jacey said...

You are seriously my spinning hero right now! Congrats on reaching your goal. You've got some incredible handspun to enjoy as a result.

I purchased Damask a few months ago, and had the same realization. I'd still like to knit it at some point, as it is a really beautiful shawl. I guess finagling the chart first will be a big help.

Sandra said...

So impressed with your spinning progress. ANd, I received my wooly prized from you yesterday - the Oakmoss colour is so lovely, and I can't wait to decide what to make! Thanks again!

Jodi said...

Such gorgeous spinning! What a productive Tour de Fleece.

I'm with you re: unusual symbols on knitting charts. Citron is quite a relaxing project! I enjoyed knitting it, and I definitely want to do another just for me. In fact, I trekked up to Windy Knitty last week and picked up some Madelinetosh laceweight (even though it will be a while before I cast on).

Rachel said...

I missed the marathon but can definitely appreciate the lovely goodness that came out of it! Beautiful spinning!