Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tadpole Tuesday: the Turtle Vest

About a year ago I had posted about a quick little vest that I whipped up for Tadpole, using a cable chart from one of the Barbara Walker treasuries. I was taken by the turtle motif and came up with a simple design that used up a not-quite-full skein of Dream in Color Classy that I had in the stash. I had absolutely no idea what size I was making. But now I do - it fit 8 month old Tadpole (yes, these pictures are from a month ago) well with plenty of room to grow.

The turtle really is my favorite thing about this piece. And the fact that it took me something like 5 hours to make, even including frogging the whole thing a couple of inches in and starting over.

I'm thinking of making a second one, probably out of Tosh Vintage, and changing the bottom hem and the border of the turtle pattern to garter stitch. 

So I have a question for you: if I were to knit up another one, would you like me to write up the pattern?

I'm using the word "pattern" here very loosely. I wouldn't include the turtle chart, since Barbara Walker designed and published it (in her third treasury, I believe) and I don't want to violate copyright. Instead, I'd write up how to make a baby-sized vest and include some sort of panel design on the front. 

This girl needs a second turtle vest, right? So I'd better go get some projects off the needles first. Stripe Study, here I come!


kristenmakes said...

Well I have no baby of my own yet, nor do any of my friends have any (amazingly!) but I could see my future self definitely knitting one if you do write your notes up! Loving the turtle, and clearly Tadpole does too!

beardedknitter said...

Tadpole Tuesdays is shaping up to be one of my favorite things.

Jacey said...

I think you should definitely do it! It's such a cute vest, and vests are a fabulous baby knit. So cute! How's the striping coming??

Sandra said...

I used Barbara Walkers Spider chart for something similar - a sweater for my son when he was younger. THose charts are beautiful - just like Tadpole.

Brendaknits said...

Tadpole is still the cutest baby in blogland. Oh - nice vest too.

Jodi said...

That vest is just too cute! I love the turtle motif, and I'd most definitely knit one if you write up the pattern (though I need to invest in B Walker's books to get the turtle). Hope you're having a relaxing weekend and keeping warm on this chilly day!

Rachel said...

Look how happy Rowan is in her turtle vest!! In terms of a pattern, I would think it would get a good response...vests are super cute on little ones...as Rowan shows so very clearly.

I haven't seen any evidence that you've started striped study...what colors are you using??