Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tadpole Tuesday: Texas Edition

Chez Tinks and Frogs has moved to Texas for a family vacation this week. A large extended family makes for plenty of baby sitters and we are taking full advantage.

It's been quite a change for us. We left this

For this

That's right. Sun and new Quince yarn from my sister (and a few other things, too). There are two other colors - a deep charcoal heather and a bright cherry red - but Tadpole only wanted to hold one skein at a time. The new grey heathers from Quince are really lovely and I think they're a limited run so grab some if you get the chance. I'm contemplating another stash diet for next year (I really should) so that means I'm just going to enable everyone else.

Happy Holidays and warm wishes from my family to yours. I'll see you next year.


Jacey said...

Hey! I'll see you before next year! Can't wait!!

Kathy said...

Cute picture. I'm going on a yarn diet too (have to) so we can commiserate together ;~)

Rachel said...

Wait...you and Jacey get a meet-up?? So freakin' jealous!!

I hope your time in Texas was a good one and you had a fabulous holiday season. See you in 2012!

kristenmakes said...

haha we had a similar temporary relocation - from grey Edinburgh to sunny Florida. It was great, but I'm so used to chilly grey, I kinda missed it!