Friday, February 5, 2010

Eye Candy Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I had the sort of visit to my LYS that most knitters dream of: I went in, picked out a rather large selection of lovely yarns, and was able to take them home without making much of a dent in my bank account. How did I do this? With the generosity of some wonderful friends.

Shortly after the holidays, my husband and I cat-sit for some friends of ours who were out of town. When they got back, they offered yarn as a thank-you gift. I gave the only possible response: a gracious acceptance (and a quick apology to the DH that I got yarn out of this while he got litter box duty - he was really very nice about all of it).

Malabrigo sock yarn in colorway Tiziano Red

I just cast on with this last night for Gudrun Johnston's Aestlight Shawl. This was a bit of an emergency cast-on since the scarflet is almost done and I needed another reading project to knit while I work on an ongoing research project today.

Malabrigo laceweight in colorway Paris Night

I think this one will look lovely in the Haruni shawl pattern that has been making the rounds of ravelry lately.

The next yarns have an even better story (certainly more glamorous than cleaning litter boxes). A while ago I joined a fantastic group on ravelry called "Finish It or Frog It." Jennifer has done a great job organizing everything and keeping me motivated to re-evaluate the state of me knitting basket on a regular basis. On her suggestion, I added my Bear Claw Blanket to the "Epic FO" thread, which showcased truly epic projects that took eons to finish (or at least seemed to). Fast forward several months and I was delighted to learn that my little blanket had won the Epic FO Grand Prize: a generous gift certificate to my LYS.  The next yarns, plus a nice long Addi Lace needle that I needed for the ribbing on Forecast's sleeves, are the result. Thanks to everyone who said that they like the blanket! I was really touched.

Dream in Color Smooshy in colorway Gothic Rose

This yarn has already been wound into balls (yes, there was a knot - very frustrating) and is transforming into a pair of Marlene socks by Cookie A. I tried this pattern a couple of months ago with some Mountain Colors Barefoot but wasn't thrilled with how the mohair halo was obscuring the pattern. I've stolen the needle away from that project but haven't ripped yet. I rationalize this by telling myself that I'm waiting to find another pattern for the yarn but the truth is that I really don't like ripping unless I absolutely have to.  

Dream in Color Classy in colorway Grey Tabby

There's something really wonderful about this color. It's hard to see in the picture but the subtle color shits are absolutely beautiful. Of course, this may have something to do with the fact that I've been daydreaming about getting a grey tabby companion for Nayyir. What will the yarn become? A hat for the husband of the recipient of the Aestlight shawl. I'm thinking Koolhaas but haven't quite decided yet. Any other suggestions?

Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool in colorway Spruce

Last but certainly not least, these lovely skeins are waiting to become Audrey in Unst. I am so looking forward to knitting this but unfortunately it's three sweaters away in the queue. First I have to finish Forecast and Buttercup and then Coraline, which I haven't even started.

I think that means I need to spend some quality time with the wheel this weekend to finish up the yarn in time to cast on for the Knitting Olympics. Wish me luck!


Tracey said...

congratulations on your epic FO grand prize! your blanket is lovely and truly an epic knit.

i'm knitting with DIC smooshy in grey tabby right now and i love the colorway. of course, this may have something to do with the fact that i do have a grey tabby cat. :)

Rachel said...

Wow--look at all those lovelies! It made me laugh to hear you got yarn for cat-sitting. I recently cat sit for my knitter friend for almost 3 weeks while she was dealing with an ailing father. When she returned she brought me yarn for 3 projects that either I've admired of hers or she knew I wanted to knit but had no yarn for. So thoughtful though so not necessary!

Congrats on winning an award for your Bear Claw deserved!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! It's so fun to see the lovely yarn you purchased with your gift certificate. It's definitely well-deserved and couldn't have happened to a better knitter. I can't wait to see the FO! It's so nice to have you as part of Finish or Frog It Friday.