Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh shoot, that one's not for me

I was knitting along on my Aestlight shawl last night when it hit me: this isn't for me. Yes, I know I bought the yarn and chose the pattern fully intending to make this shawl for a friend of mine. But look at this -

Wouldn't you want this, too? The color really is that rich. 

But you know what I can keep? This - 

That's 1050 yards of light worsted weight 2-ply BFL spun from roving dyed by Briar Rose Fibers. I know this is a bit heavier than what Coraline is designed for so I'm going to have to tweak things once I figure out a gauge that I like. Looks like it's time to swatch.


Jonah said...

It could be for you. I wouldn't tell. The red is absolutely gorgeous!

elizabeth said...

Oooh, that's lovely! It'll be a beautiful Coraline! *drool*

Rachel said...

It seems to me then that you'll just have to make one for yourself next!

Oh my, look at all those subtle blues and greens and creams showing up in that yarn. Gorgeous! For selfish reasons, I'm glad you chose Coraline for the Oylmpic knitting...we'll see this gorgeous sweater completed in 2 weeks! :)