Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Progress shots

This blog often makes it look like I finish projects right and left, like knitting just flies off the needles. Boy, do I wish that were so. The truth is that I have so many projects going on at once (some of which I acknowledge as WIPs on ravelry and others that lurk in the bowels of my knitting basket) that I usually finish something often enough to stick with FOs for blog fodder. Today I've decided to change things up a bit and show you some project shots.

Here's a peek at the second scarflet, made with Dream in Color smooshy in the Strange Harvest colorway. 

The color snapshot on the Dream in Color website looks orange but my skein is more gold with shots of orange and brown. It's a beautiful color and a welcome splash of sunlight on grey winter days.

I just love this garter stitch. Yes, it's mindless but that's perfect for a project that I work on while reading. Even the lace bit at the edging is easy enough to knit without looking away from the pages.

Now I just have to keep knitting and see how much lace edging I can get out of this skein. Buttercup looks like it's almost done too, with just one more sleeve to go. 

Unfortunately, I'm going to rip back the body to that blue paperclip and reknit with some waist shaping. The straight shape of the body seems to add 10 pounds when I put the sweater on. I've been reading Barbara Walker again so I thought I'd take her advice for planning waist shaping on a top down garment. While wearing the sweater, I used paperclips to mark where I wanted the decreases and increases to start and stop (there's a green paperclip near the bottom that you can't quite see in this picture). But first, I'm going to knit the second sleeve so that I'll be done once I reknit the body.

The body is done on Forecast; it just needs sleeves. Well, it's got 2/3 of a sleeve already. I knit the first sleeve down to the transition between the garter/cable section and the ribbing and then paused to work  on the second sleeve. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep the sleeves the same length.

No, my waist is not that tiny. And yes, the ribbing does stretch. A lot. 


Sel and Poivre said...

I so enjoy the stories of knitting's process. Thanks for sharing!

I'm just starting to read while I knit, it had never occurred to me it could be done while working on something other than stockinette!

Rachel said...

I also so enjoy knitting progress posts and yet, like you, very rarely post them. I wonder why that is? I used to keep that many things on needles and it worked fine, but lately I'm realizing that it just makes me nervous to have so many unfinished objects. I try to keep it at about big, one small, and one sock project.

All these are lovely...and wow, that yellow really brightened my day...what a beautiful color for middle of winter knitting!